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Tables: simple - advanced

Paragraphs: for a new paragraph, use a blank line;

Line break: \\ or [[<<]]

-> to indent text, -< hanging text

Join line: \

Lists: * for bulleted, # for numbered, :term:definition for definition lists

Emphasis: ''italics''   '''bold'''   '''''bold italics'''''   @@monospaced@@

References: [[another page]], [[http://example.com/]], [[another page | link text]], [[#anchor]], [[#anchor | link text]]

Groups: [[Group/Page]] displays Page, [[Group.Page]] displays Group.Page, [[Group(.Page)]] displays Group, [[Group/]] links Group homepage

Separators: !!, !!! for headings, ---- for horizontal line

Prevent formatting: [=...=]

Other: [+big+]   [++bigger++]   [-small-]   [--smaller--]   '^superscript^'   '_subscript_'   {+inserted+}   {-deleted-}

Preformatted: [@...@] or >>pre<<...>><<

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